Drakes are one of Wellspring's three great races.

Drakes are descended from dragons, inheriting a love for fire and metals, especially gold. Imperious and mechanically minded, Drakes inhabit the desert regions in the southern regions of the continent, well suited to the high temperatures and relative lack of water.

Physically, Drakes differ from humans in two primary categories. The first difference is in the existence of [tatoo], tatoo-like markings visible on the skin. These markings are pure black, forming random patterns throughout the body. No rules govern the number or location of these markings, with the exception that some always appear on the arms.

The second major difference is the presence of an organ unique to the species, known as the heart of Fire. This organ is shaped somewhat similarly to the heart, and rests opposite to the heart in the chest cavity. As a result, Drake's hearts are located slightly further left than normal. The Heart of Fire beats in the same manner as the normal heart, but has no effect on its owner's bloodflow. This organ instead regulates temperature. As the ambient temperature cools, the Heart of Fire comes into effect, heating up its owner. As the temperature increases further, the organ begins to overcompensate, heating up its owner beyond room temperature. Drakes still somehow feel the cold around them, despite the large difference in heat.

Most Drakes are Aspected toward Engraving, and most Drake Shapers are Aspected toward Fire.

Drakes are a race of Dragon-Folk, one of Wellspring's Three Great Races. Descended from Dragons, Drakes inherited from a firey, imperious nature, a few vestigious scales, and a love for metals, particularly gold.

Appearance-wise, Drakes are largely similar to Humans, differing in a few ways. The most apparent of these differences is the presence of tattoo-like markings naturally occurring on their skin. These markings appear as ink-black lines, forming shapes and patterns arbitrarily across their bodies. These markings can appear anywhere on a Drake's body, and in any shape

The Drakes reside primarily in the southern regions of the continent, which is home to a number of deserts.

Drakes posses an organ unique to their kind, located within their chest cavity. This organ, called the Heart of Fire, is much like a normal heart in shape, and resides behind the right pectoral. To accommodate the Heart of Fire, the normal heart of a Drake is shifted to the left of where it would reside in other species. These two hearts both beat, and do so in unison, but the Heart of Fire does not move blood with this beating motion, instead regulating its owner's temperature. A Drake's normal body heat is slightly higher than other species at room temperature, but as the ambient temperature decreases, the Heart of Fire will output more and more heat at the cost of physical exhaustion. Despite the higher heat output, the Drake will not feel particularly warmer.

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